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Ruuff Luv Doggie Day Care & Hotel

Rockbrook/Omaha NE 402-933-7849
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Zach is a Cairn Terrier. He has  been coming to doggie daycare for several years! We always love to see his face as he comes in the front door. Although he is usually calm, he wont pass up a good game of fetch. Zach has a great personality that everyone at Ruuff Luv enjoys.



Nala is a Siberian Husky / Australian Shepperd. Not surprisingly, Nala loves to run and play. She is very friendly and keeps the smaller dog groups active and running. She loves to play with her friends! She enjoys swimming in the pool during hot summer days, and a good game of fetch. 


Rusty got to stay with us this weekend at RuuffLuv Doggie Daycare and Hotel. We dont get to see Rusty as often as we would like to, but when he does come to visit us he is a blast to be around. He is a 5 year old yellow lab with tons of energy and loves to run on the treadmill and play ball. Note that this video is only 27 seconds, but he can go all day long!



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