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Ruuff Luv Doggie Day Care & Hotel

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Why Doggie Day Care?

       Top Ten

  1.  For many people, dogs are their children. They feel sad & guilty leaving them cooped up in the house or condo all day. Doggie daycare provides a much-welcome alternative.

  2. Many pets experience separation anxiety when left alone during the day. They may destroy home furnishings, have accidents in the house, bark non-stop & generally feel very stressed out.

  3. Doggie daycare can be a tremendous help to these dogs & their owners.

  4. Doggie daycare provides the ideal outlet for even the most active pet's pent-up energy.

  5. You can relish an evening cuddling on the couch... no need for that five-mile run!

  6. Regular attendance at doggie daycare will help your pet have firm muscles and better weight management.

  7. Doggie daycare is a wonderful solution when you have the following: a maintenance or pest control person visits your home; or a “dog-allergic” visitor arrives; or you’re painting, moving or remodeling; or you have an extended appointment schedule which necessitates temporary safe & comfortable quarters for a pet.

  8. You want to get a puppy, but you work and you don’t want to leave the puppy home alone all day? Or, you have a new puppy and you’re stretched for time to work on house-breaking, or even the basic commands? Puppies have small bladders and cannot “hold it” for long periods of time.

  9. Daycare program provides an excellent start for your pup to grow up to be a well-socialized and well-adjusted canine companion. It is available for puppies who are ages 9 weeks to 5-months-old, who have had at least one series of vaccinations (including bordatella), and who would benefit from daycare on a daily basis for consistency and optimal learning.

  10. We save you a trip going to the groomers, we can fluff & buff while they are at daycare.